Lawn Sprinkler Repair Issues Every Homeowner Needs To Know About

A working sprinkler system is a crucial part of ensuring a healthy lawn. Manual lawn watering can produce positive results. However, many homeowners appreciate the convenience of having a sprinkler system to do this task for them. Faulty sprinkler systems can leave lawns discolored. There might also be soggy areas that can distract from the appearance of lawns. If you want to reduce the chances of having dead, brown, or yellow patches on your lawn, it is important to know when your sprinklers need repair.

3 Reasons To Have Your Trees Trimmed

Your trees in your yard are your responsibility. If their branches are getting caught up in the telephone wires or the electrical wires, it’s your responsibility and the utility companies may charge you to have them trimmed. If you have trees in your yard, they will at some point need a trimming for a number of reasons, and you should hire a tree trimming company to have them trimmed for you.

When Do Trees Actually Need Trimming?

In a perfect world, you would have a tree trimming service come out every year and give each of your trees a nice once-over. However, not every homeowner can afford this level of service, and that’s okay. Most trees will be okay with less frequent, as-needed trimming. But if you’re going to take this as-needed approach, you do need to know when tree trimming is really needed! Take a look.

5 Clues to Identify Your Landscape Tree

Trees species have their own soil requirements, care requirements, and lifespans. So knowing what types of trees you have on your property can be the first step to planning the ideal care scenario for them. Here are some clues to help you identify your trees. 1. Flowers If your tree is currently blooming, the flowers may be a dead giveaway. For instance, if the tree blooms in spring and has tiny bright purplish-pink blossoms clustered tightly around its branches and twigs, it’s likely a redbud.

The Three Times You Should Trim A Tree In Autumn And Early Winter

Fall and early winter seem like terrific times to trim a tree. The fruit and flowers are long gone, and the leaves are falling, so you get a better view of all the branches you’d like to trim down. Looks can be deceiving, however. While the tree looks like it’s in a great place for trimming, it’s not, and autumn and early winter are times when you shouldn’t touch the tree except in three specific circumstances.

Tree Trimming Will Prove Beneficial To Trees

Tree trimming plays an important role in the care of the trees on your home and/or business property. Once you see the reasons why trimming trees is so important, you will probably make it a point to have yours trimmed regularly and this will be beneficial to you in numerous ways. Here are some things to know about trimming trees.  Receive adequate shade from the trees Trimming trees can play a huge role in regards to getting the right amount of shade from them in the right areas.

Questions To Ask At A Tree Removal

Your tree service experts know more than just how to remove a tree when it’s dead. Often, they can give you valuable insight about what went wrong with your tree and how to avoid problems in the future. Here are some questions you can ask your tree service experts at a tree removal. 1. What is cause of death and how to avoid it? In some cases, you may already know what killed the tree.

The Benefits Of Contacting An Arborist For Your Tree Care And Pruning Needs

The trees in your landscaping can be valuable additions to your property that add value to your home. Therefore, you want to make sure that the trees are well cared for. An arborist can help with much more than just pruning and provide valuable services that promoted healthy growth for these valuable trees. Here are some benefits of using professional arborist services for tree care and pruning: Seasonal pruning work to promote healthy growth

Three Reasons To Remove A Tree To Prevent Foundation Damage

Contrary to popular myth, tree roots aren’t going to break apart a foundation that is in good repair, at least not in the way that most people think. Generally, trees in your yard will rarely affect the foundation of your home, except in the following uncommon but not unheard of situations.  1. Raised Foundation If a large tree with a strong root system is growing too near the foundation, the roots may actually cause the concrete pad to lift.

3 Tips That Will Get Rid Of Those Pesky Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Do you love sitting outside at night during the summer, but hate getting a series of mosquito bites that itch for days afterward? If so, it will help to find a way to get rid of those mosquitoes so you can enjoy your yard in peace. Here are some tips that should get them to stay away. Identify The Standing Water Sources One of the places where mosquitoes tend to thrive is when you have standing water around your property.

Tree Care Tips For A Scorching Summer

When the summer heat comes and lingers for weeks on end, you’re not the only one who feels the effects. It’s common for deciduous trees to also struggle in extreme summer heat. However, there are some tree care tips you can implement in order to take better care of your trees at this time. Deep water your trees once a week. Even when it is scorching hot outside, you don’t need to water your trees daily.

Prepare Your Trees For Storm Season With A Trim

Depending on where you live, storm season could be right around the corner or it may already be upon you. Whether you are worried about summer thunderstorms, fall hurricanes, or winter snow, you need to take steps to protect your landscape trees from damage. Fortunately, a well-timed tree trimming can help prevent many of the storm damages that are common on trees. Overgrown Branches Overgrown branches can scrape against your house or become entangled in power lines.

Have A Tree Close To A Neighboring Property? 3 Reasons To Invest In Removal

While living in a house that you own, you may communicate with your neighbors on a regular basis. If you also inspect the inside and outside of your house on occasion, you may notice that a tree or two may be close enough to a neighbor’s property that it could be causing problems. If you want to continue having a positive relationship with all your neighbors, you should know when removing a tree is a beneficial move.

3 Things A Tree Service Can Do For You

Having beautiful trees in your yard can increase your home’s value and attractiveness. But you want to make sure those trees stay healthy so that they continue to look as good as possible. One way that you can do that is to have a tree service come out to your house and make sure that everything is in good shape. What can a tree service do for you? Diagnose Trees

Four Tips For A Successful Stump Grinding Endeavor

If you have an old stump in your yard, you are probably tired of it posing a tripping hazard and making your yard look a mess. Grinding the stump down is often the easiest and fastest solution. You can rent stump grinders from most outdoor rental companies and then do the work yourself. You will, however, want to adhere to the following tips for a successful stump grinding endeavor. 1. Cut the stump down first.

Tips for Pruning Young Shade Trees

Planting shade trees on your property is an investment in the future. It may take a few years, but eventually and with proper care, these trees will become an integral part of your landscaping. Proper trimming is necessary to ensure the best form and the healthiest growth so that these young trees will one day provide plenty of shade. 1. Put Off Initial Pruning Most newly planted trees require little to no pruning in their first year.

3 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Trees Against Summer Storms

Summer weather can be unpredictable at times. You may experience sunny skies and high temperatures during the day, only to have a severe summer storm hit your home during the evening hours. Summer storms have the potential to cause serious damage to your home’s landscape. Your trees are especially vulnerable to the high winds that often accompany summer storms. It’s not too late to take action to protect your mature trees against summer storms so that you can enjoy structurally sound and safe trees throughout the year.

3 Huge Reasons Why You Need Professional Stump Removal

Do you have one or more tree stumps in your yard? Are they in the way and you’re wanting to take them out so that you can do something else with that space? Tree stumps can be very annoying. Left to their own devices, it can take a stump decades to decay to the point that it no longer exists. The quickest option is going to be to remove the stump in some manner.

Bracing Information For Your Landscape Trees

Trees may add beauty to your yard, but they can also become a hazard. Leaning trees or those that topple over unexpectedly can cause major damage to your home and property, and sometimes they can even cause injuries to your family. Fortunately, bracing can help prevent issues.  Why Trees Require Bracing There are many reasons why a tree may need to be braced. Newly planted trees, especially larger ones, may require bracing for the first year or two after planting so that the roots have time to establish and anchor the tree.

Have Professionals Come Out To Your House To Get Rid Of Your Tree

When you need to have a tree removed because it has problems or you think that it has problems, you want to make sure that it gets handled correctly. Trying to remove a tree on your own can cause problems and could end up causing property damage or serious injuries. If you are going to have that tree removed, you want to make sure that you have professionals come out to your house and deal with the issue.

Benefits Of Hiring A Tree Service Company

When you have trees in your yard, it is your responsibility to make sure they stay healthy or to have them removed. A sick or dead tree can pose serious safety issues if left alone. Sometimes, only part of the tree needs to be removed, but it must be done as soon as possible or the problem can spread, destroying more of the tree. While you may think you will be able to prune or cut the tree down on your own, there are some very good benefits to hiring a tree service to take care of things for you.

3 Things You Need To Know About Emerald Ash Borer

Now that spring is finally here, it’s time for insect pests to make their appearance once again in outdoor living spaces all across the country. If you’ve got ash trees on your property, you may be experiencing consternation due to the possibility of emerald ash borer attacking your trees. This insect scourge has decimated millions of trees in North America ever since it was first noticed in the year 2002 on trees in Michigan.

5 Tree Care Tips That Keep Your Trees Healthy

A beautiful tree can be the focal point of your yard. In addition to providing beauty, it provides a place to lounge or picnic in cooling shade. Mature trees don’t need a lot of help to thrive unless they are injured or sick. Here are five tree care tips that help your trees stay healthy and keep your property safer. 1. Cut Away Dead Branches Dead branches are unsightly and they can encourage insects to invade your tree.

Three Reasons A Tree Will Need To Be Removed

Trees are excellent additions to landscaping and adding to the beauty of a property and home, but they need regular care and maintenance to keep them healthy. Sometimes even healthy trees may need to be removed because of the risks of damage they pose, and dead or dying trees will always need to be removed quickly. Here are three situations to look out for. Interfering with Property and Utilities Even if a tree is perfectly healthy, it may still need to be removed to protect property aboveground.

How Bad Trimming Harms Trees

Many homeowners struggle with properly caring for trees that are on their own property. One of the reasons why trees often get neglected is that many people don’t know how to properly care for the tree. One mistake that people make is trying to trim trees themselves without understanding how to prune a tree for better growth.  Bad trimming will affect your tree’s health. Learn why bad pruning practices can be so harmful to trees.

4 Little-Known Benefits of Stump Removal

A lot of people want to remove old tree stumps from their yard because they are eyesores. However, there’s a lot of other surprising benefits from stump removal. Here are four reasons why you might want to hire a tree service to remove a stump from your yard. 1. You Can Reuse the Debris as Mulch A lot of tree services use stump grinders to break down the old stump. These grinding machines can turn your stump into mulch, which can be either recycled or reused for your garden.

Six Mistakes That Could Compromise The Health Of Trees In Your Yard

The appearance of trees in your yard has a big impact on the overall aesthetics of your home’s exterior. Keeping the trees in your yard healthy is important for maintaining attractive landscaping.  Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes make mistakes that compromise the health of the trees in their yard. The following are six mistakes to avoid that could compromise the health of your trees.  Neglecting to have trees pruned and trimmed Pruning and trimming trees is important for numerous reasons.

How To Easily Make Your Landscape More Eye-Appealing

If you put time and attention into your landscape, it can easily become attention-grabbing and accentuate your home. However, if you do not maintain your lawn, it will end up detracting from the value of your property. To make certain that you are making good first and overall impressions on your neighbors and visitors, you should consider investing in professional landscaping services. However, if you have a limited budget, here are a few things that you can do on your own to get started that will make a quick impact.

3 Ways To Avoid Pricey Tree Care With Routine Trimming Services

Taking care of the trees on the property should mean staying diligent with maintenance rather than putting it off until they absolutely need help. Putting off necessary tree services can lead to the cost for caring for your trees being much higher than you originally anticipated. A good way to ensure that the tree services stay affordable is to keep up with routine services. When you’re unsure of what you can do to make sure that the tree services turn out great, it’s a good idea to look into what kinds of services can be done to make a difference in the condition of your trees.

2 Reasons To Have Tree Trimming Professionals Come To Your House To Trim Your Trees

If your trees need to be trimmed, you may think that it’s something that you can do on your own. The fact is, that it is something that you need to have a professional come out to your house to do. There are a lot of reasons that you want to have a professional come out to trim your trees for you.   Safety The biggest reason to have professionals deal with the trees that need to be trimmed is the safety issue.