3 Tips That Will Get Rid Of Those Pesky Mosquitoes Around Your Yard

Do you love sitting outside at night during the summer, but hate getting a series of mosquito bites that itch for days afterward? If so, it will help to find a way to get rid of those mosquitoes so you can enjoy your yard in peace. Here are some tips that should get them to stay away.

Identify The Standing Water Sources

One of the places where mosquitoes tend to thrive is when you have standing water around your property. This can be something such as a small pond, a birdbath, or even puddles of water after a huge rain storm. Try to see if you can find where the mosquitoes are gravitating towards and then get rid of them. You may not even realize that you have standing water around the property, but the mosquitoes will find it. For example, there could be standing water underneath your deck, which is right where you love to gather outside at night.

Use Personal Protection Products

Consider using a mosquito repellant to protect yourself when you are outside. There are sprays, creams, candles, and even clip on devices that you can wear that are designed to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. Make sure to look at how much DEET the repellent contains, since more DEET is going to be more effective. You should also remember to reapply any repellant that goes on your skin according to the directions, and to reapply after going into water where the repellant can wash away.

Treat Your Yard For Mosquitoes

Your local home improvement store will sell a variety of different mosquito treatments that you can use to get rid of them on your own. A larvicide is used to place in standing water that you do not want to get rid of, and work by eliminating the larva so that the mosquito eggs cannot form. You can also get a bug zapper to lure the mosquitoes into it by simulating the human scent they are attracted to. There are also certain plants that will cause mosquitoes to go elsewhere, so consider planting them around your home where you tend to sit the most. This includes catnip, rosemary, and lemon thyme. 

Sometimes the best solution to a mosquito problem is to bring in a professional. Reach out to a company that specializes in mosquito removal services so that you can be doing all you can to keep them away from your backyard.