5 Tree Care Tips That Keep Your Trees Healthy

A beautiful tree can be the focal point of your yard. In addition to providing beauty, it provides a place to lounge or picnic in cooling shade. Mature trees don't need a lot of help to thrive unless they are injured or sick. Here are five tree care tips that help your trees stay healthy and keep your property safer.

1. Cut Away Dead Branches

Dead branches are unsightly and they can encourage insects to invade your tree. Cut dead branches away whenever you see them. You don't have to wait for a certain time of year to get rid of dead or dying branches on your trees.

2. Get Advice On Pruning

When you want your trees to grow with a pleasing shape or you want them to bear bountiful fruit or flowers, then pruning is usually necessary. Pruning has to be done properly and at the best time of the year so it doesn't interfere with the growth rate of your trees. Call a tree care expert for help with pruning so you get the results you're hoping to achieve and so you don't make mistakes that endanger your trees.

3. Trim Trees Regularly

You may find it's necessary to trim your trees every year until they get so tall that trimming isn't easy or possible unless you call a tree trimming service. Trimming lower branches and branches that grow into your fence or roof is important for the protection of your property and it also helps your trees have an improved shape and appearance. When your trees are mature, you may need to have internal branches trimmed to allow more sunlight to filter through the canopy and reach the trunks for improved health of the trees.

4. Watch For Infections And Infestations

Call in a tree expert when your trees appear sick or when they're infested with bugs. Early treatment could save the life of the tree and spare you the expense of tree removal. If areas of your tree die off or your tree loses leaves in the summer, your tree may be sick and in need of the right treatment to regain its health.

5. Give Your Trees Room

Plant trees far enough apart that they aren't crowded and so their limbs have room to spread out. Be careful about planting trees too close to your house and other structures because that could be bad for the tree and your house too if a tree damages your foundation or roof. While walking on the soil above tree roots doesn't harm a tree, using a tree as a shady parking area isn't a good idea unless the car is on a driveway because the heavy weight of the car on soil could harm the tree's roots.

For more information, contact a residential tree care service today.