Questions To Ask At A Tree Removal

Your tree service experts know more than just how to remove a tree when it's dead. Often, they can give you valuable insight about what went wrong with your tree and how to avoid problems in the future. Here are some questions you can ask your tree service experts at a tree removal.

1. What is cause of death and how to avoid it?

In some cases, you may already know what killed the tree. But if not, be sure to ask your tree services expert what the likely cause of death was. In some cases, homeowners can accidentally kill a tree by planting it too deep, trimming around it too closely with lawn equipment, or other innocent mistakes.

However, in other cases, a tree may die of a blight, pest problem, or root rot that would have required professional attention to solve. Be sure to ask if there's anything you can do to avoid a similar problem in future, especially if you have other trees of the same type or plan to replant the same species.

2. Is the spot suited for another tree and what type?

If the tree died of root rot, drought, or other site-related issues, you may not want to plant another tree of the same type in that location. Ask your tree services expert what type of tree is best suited to the spot if you plan to replant. For instance, in a very soggy site, a willow tree may survive better than a more rot-prone species.

3. What tree services are needed after tree replacement?

Some causes of tree death can be avoided with regular tree trimming and other tree services. But even if your tree's death was unavoidable, you'll want to discuss which tree services you'll need for your new tree.

Even if you weren't using tree trimming services for your established tree, a newly planted tree may require more care. Pruning is especially important in the tree's early stages of life, and regular watering can help the tree survive while it works on establishing its root system.

4. What are the best options for stump removal?

Once the defunct tree has been cut up and removed, you're left with a tree stump in its place. Typically, the options for stump removal include things like grinding the stump into chips, using chemicals to accelerate stump decomposition, or tearing the stump out by its roots.

Ask your tree services expert if they provide stump removal services and which variety would work best for your stump.

These questions can help you to decide on your next step after the tree removal and help you to avoid future problems so your other trees will be less likely to die prematurely.