How The Cost Of Tree Removal Is Calculated

There are several reasons you may want to remove trees from your yard. For example, if you want to create room to plant shrubs, flowers, or other aesthetically appealing plants, it may be necessary to remove some trees. 

Also, if a tree is diseased or unsightly, you will have to remove it to enhance your home's curb appeal. Whatever your reasons for tree removal, the cost of this service isn't standard. The price for tree removal varies depending on the following factors.

The Species and Size of the Trees

A tree removal crew will spend more time climbing and cutting a large tree than they would a small one. Large trees also require longer cleanup time for the debris left behind after the tree is felled.

The more time a removal service spends cutting down a tree, the more they will charge. Many arborists charge by the hour and don't offer fixed rates. Additionally, the tree species will affect the removal charges. Thick wood is much more difficult to cut and requires specialized equipment. These species will attract a higher price than other types of wood.

The Location of the Trees

Tree services have high fees for remote locations. Also, if power lines and sensitive facilities surround the trees, expect the charges to go up. If trees are located far from your house, obstacles, and power lines, they are less risky to cut down. Therefore, the arborist will charge a smaller fee.

The Condition of the Tree

One advantage of cutting down a healthy tree is that it is easier to predict where and when it will fall. However, a diseased or dead tree is less predictable and poses a high risk. Furthermore, these trees require advanced equipment and more labor. It also takes a long time to remove unhealthy trees. You can expect to pay more for a diseased tree than a healthy one.

The Additional Services After Cutting Down the Tree

When hiring a tree removal service, ensure they give you an individual quote for every task. You should also consider an arborist who includes cleanup in their services.

While the standard tree removal service involves cutting down the tree, you may expect them to execute other minor tasks afterward. For example, you may need professionals to remove the tree stump. 

You may also want the experts to separate the large branches and trunk. Also, you may require cleanup services like branch removal. Choose a company with a comprehensive package that includes all services associated with tree removal. 

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