2 Impacts Of Tree Branches On Your Roof

Trees improve your home's aesthetics and the quality of air around your house. They are also a perfect source of shade for your family and pets. But without proper care and maintenance, trees can cause significant damage to your roof. Learn how trees can reduce your roof's lifespan and how to prevent damage by hiring hazardous tree removal services.

1. Roof Scratches or Damage From Falling Branches

Overhanging branches are a threat to your roof and windows. They can easily break due to wind, rot, and snow. And when they fall on the roof, the branches may leave scratches. In the worst-case scenario, the branches may cause the roof to collapse, depending on the weight and the impact caused.

The damage after a fallen branch may not seem serious at first, but it may grow into a costlier repair or replacement. Therefore, you should be proactive about overhanging branches and let tree removal services trim your trees before they cause a disaster. The tree specialists will remove low-hanging branches and examine the tree for stability. Some signs that your tree is unstable include:

  • Split trunk

  • Rotten branches

  • Fungi growth

  • Leaning tree

If an old tree no longer looks stable, let your tree removal services take it down to protect your property and loved ones from hazards.

2. Fungi, Mold Growth Causing Leaks

Mold growth from tree branches is among the damages that happen subtly. If you are not keen, you may never notice the problem until it's too late, and you will already experience roof leaks.

Old branches are accompanied by excess falling leaves, primarily during the windy season. With time, the leaves pile up in the gutter, blocking water passage from the roof. Eventually, water is trapped in your roofing material, creating a thriving mold and mildew growth environment. Mold eats your roof shingles away, causing premature wear and tear. The roof begins to rot and bend, creating leaks.

Also, your trees' shade is amazing, but too much of it can harm your roof's lifespan. Shade from overhanging trees prevents snow from melting and draining from the roof. This, plus leaves and needles buildup, can dampen the shingles, making them prone to fungi growth.

Let your tree removal services examine your tree regularly to mitigate tree-caused roof blockages to avert such issues.


You can prevent the above problems by trimming the branches near your house. However, don't attempt to trim the branches by yourself, as that could compromise your safety and could cause further damage to the trees and your property. Also, if a tree is hazardous, undertake tree removal. Contact a reliable tree removal services company to sort you out with your tree issues.