3 Reasons To Have Your Ornamental Trees Professionally Maintained This Spring

Do you have ornamental trees in your garden beds or near your home? Whether or not you have done so in the past, it is a good idea to hire a tree care company to come perform comprehensive maintenance on those trees this spring. Many tree services offer such a service package. It typically includes a basic pruning or trimming, fertilization, deep watering, mulching, and whatever other care the tree may need due to its individual characteristics and health.

But why are these appointments so important for ornamental trees? Here are a few reasons.

1. They'll help protect your trees from disease.

Ornamental trees exist to add beauty to your yard. So if they become covered in spots, cankers, or fungal bodies, they won't look very nice. Springtime tree care goes a long way towards preventing disease. Trimming allows air to flow through the branches better so the leaves don't become so wet and prone to fungal growths. Fertilization boosts the tree's health so it's better able to fight off any disease in the early stages. As in humans, it's generally easier to prevent tree disease than to treat or cure it.

2. You won't have to do as much maintenance later on.

If you don't give your trees what they need in the spring, you'll be making more work for yourself the rest of the year. For example, if the tree doesn't get a good pruning in the spring, then some branches are likely to fall off during the summer, and you'll have to clean those up and repair any damage they cause. Also, trees that don't get fertilized early on — before their spring "growth spurt" — tend to struggle with growth all year, and you may have to fertilize them more often and more heavily later in the season to get them to catch up. 

3. Your trees will be more beautiful.

Ornamental trees are meant to look nice, and spring maintenance helps ensure they look their best. A good trimming ensures the tree has a nice shape. Fertilization makes the leaves greener and more abundant. Mulch imparts nutrients into the soil that help the tree flower more readily. And a deep watering supports the tree's early growth spurt so it gets nice and full. Think of this appointment as a spa day for your tree.

Year-round tree care is a good idea, but scheduling just one spring maintenance appointment is a great place to start. During this one appointment, a tree care company can do several things to ensure your ornamental tree stays healthy and beautiful. Contact a company that offers residential tree care services to learn more.