Lawn Sprinkler Repair Issues Every Homeowner Needs To Know About

A working sprinkler system is a crucial part of ensuring a healthy lawn. Manual lawn watering can produce positive results. However, many homeowners appreciate the convenience of having a sprinkler system to do this task for them. Faulty sprinkler systems can leave lawns discolored. There might also be soggy areas that can distract from the appearance of lawns. If you want to reduce the chances of having dead, brown, or yellow patches on your lawn, it is important to know when your sprinklers need repair. 

Leaky Sprinklers

This issue can lead to puddling and eventually overwatering. Overwatered patches will usually be soggy in appearance, and the grass blades may turn yellow. Another issue is the water bill costs associated with leaky sprinklers. It is comparable to wasting water. Sometimes the fix for leaky sprinklers is as easy as tightening the sprinkler heads. Replacements may also need to be considered and potential plumbing issues need to get ruled out as contributing factors. 

Clogged Sprinklers

The location of sprinklers makes them susceptible to getting clogged with debris. This is why it is ideal to check and periodically clean dirt and other grime from sprinkler heads. Debris that sits during periods of unuse might cause sprinklers not to spray or partially spray. Some clogged sprinklers can be fixed by disassembling them and rinsing away trapped debris. However, some issues might be the result of clogged pipes pertinent to the sprinkler operation and will need a professional fix. It is also possible for sprinkler heads to get clogged by mineral deposits. The mineral deposits can form in plumbing fixtures of homes that have a hard water source.

Erratic Performance

Sprinklers that do not appear to work as intended may have a number of underlying problems. Sometimes the timers may not be correctly set. Another issue is power. The system needs to have power flowing into it for it to work correctly. Power-related issues can be addressed by technicians. Homeowners who do not know how to reset their sprinkler timers or want to use the best practices for reducing water waste can also benefit from getting a technician to inspect their sprinkler system.

A lawncare professional is a good resource to use to determine if you need a sprinkler repair or new sprinkler installation. They can also determine if issues such as the placement of the sprinklers is a contributing factor to the lawn issues. Most homeowners will have a sprinkler issue at some point, and some issues can be easily fixed. The issue lies in ignoring that there is a problem leading to high operational costs and trying to fix lawn issues.

For more information about sprinkler repair, contact a local repair service.