3 Huge Reasons Why You Need Professional Stump Removal

Do you have one or more tree stumps in your yard? Are they in the way and you're wanting to take them out so that you can do something else with that space? Tree stumps can be very annoying. Left to their own devices, it can take a stump decades to decay to the point that it no longer exists. The quickest option is going to be to remove the stump in some manner. Initially, you might think that this is something that you can do yourself, without needing to bring in anyone else. However, there are likely a few flaws with this plan; namely the following.


Sure, the stump may seem relatively small at the surface but that is just the surface. If the stump isn't much wider across than your hand, the portion below the soil may not be that bad. But the wider the stump is, the larger the root network also is, and the harder stump removal becomes. The hole that you'd need to dig will almost certainly wind up being significantly wider and deeper than you were expecting. Instead of excavating what feels like half your yard, call in professionals who will be able to tell exactly how extensive the roots are likely to be before they even start work.


As one might expect, digging up a large portion of your yard is something that will take a lot of time. Even if you are allowed to rent and use mechanical equipment to do the job, your lack of experience in the field of stump removal could result in the whole process taking a significantly longer amount of time. Instead of taking the few hours that you had hoped, the project might turn out to take multiple days. Thankfully, when you hire professionals, they do have both the knowledge and the skill to have the stump removed quickly and relatively painlessly. Whatever project you have planned, you should be able to start on it as soon as the same day.


You might be thinking that all of this sounds great but that a professional stump removal still costs money. The reality is that a DIY also has significant costs, both in money and in time. When it comes to the monetary cost, you have to consider the cost of all the equipment that you'll need to buy or to rent in order to complete the job. In most cases, you're never going to use this equipment again whether it is bought or rented. Once you add up all of the costs, you're likely to find that not only does a DIY solution take more time but it also costs around the same amount or more of money. At that point, you might as well hire professionals to take care of the hassles on your behalf.

For more information, contact a stump removal service.