4 Little-Known Benefits of Stump Removal

A lot of people want to remove old tree stumps from their yard because they are eyesores. However, there's a lot of other surprising benefits from stump removal. Here are four reasons why you might want to hire a tree service to remove a stump from your yard.

1. You Can Reuse the Debris as Mulch

A lot of tree services use stump grinders to break down the old stump. These grinding machines can turn your stump into mulch, which can be either recycled or reused for your garden. Organic mulch is beneficial because it contributes to soil health, deters weeds, and insulates the ground from frost.

2. You Can Remove a Potential Food Source for Pests

A good rule of thumb for homeowners is to keep debris away from the house since it attracts pests. For instance, if you use a fireplace and stack wood outside, you shouldn't stack the wood near your house since it can be a food source for termites.

However, an old stump acts as a permanent food source for termites (and other pests) since they can live in the area and feed on the wood and underground root system. If you have termites in your yard, they can attract other pests — like beetles, wasps, spiders, and flies, which eat termites. In short, if you remove the stump, you can reduce the number of insects in your yard and protect your house from a pest infestation.

3. You Eliminate Damage From Sprouting Roots

Some homeowners think that because a tree is cut, a stump stops growing. However, stumps tend to still sprout roots since it's a natural mechanism to regenerate the plant. For instance, sprouting protects trees from wildfires or the death of saplings from deer feeding on them. Stump sprouts can damage nearby plants or disrupt hardscaping. Underground sprouts can also damage your plumbing since they can penetrate piping. A tree service will not only remove the surface stump, but these professionals will also pull up all of the underground sprouts.

4. You Make the Yard Safer for Activities

If you have little children that like to play outside, then a stump can be an obstacle that can cause them to trip. If you want to set up a volleyball net or host activities outside, it may be hard to set up a net if you have a stump in the way. By removing the stump from your yard, you'll be able to use the full range of your yard.

For more information about stump removal, contact a tree service in your area today.