Removing A Tree Near A Fence

A lot of things can interfere with your fence, and trees are one of those things. If you have a tree growing into your fence or dropping branches on a fence, you might want to consider having that tree removed. Here are some questions you might have about that process and what it involves.

How bad does it need to be to remove the tree?

If the tree is just near your fence but not directly interfering with it, then it is likely fine to leave it. But if the tree's trunk is pushing a fence post out of place, that's a bigger deal. If one fence post is displaced by the tree trunk, then the rest of the fence may be compromised, too. 

Another common problem is that the tree drops branches on the fence. You might frequently come home to find that another fence board is cracked because a branch fell on it during a storm or high wind event. You're probably going to have to keep repairing that fence as long as the tree is there, so removing the tree is often the easier option.

How will the tree care company remove the tree?

Homeowners are often concerned that if the tree is actually growing into the fence or is right up against it, the tree care company will struggle to remove it. But tree removal companies are prepared for situations like this. They will often take a tree out from the top. In other words, they will cut sections of the top of the tree and work their way toward the tree's base. Then, it will be easy to remove the base of the tree — the part that's against the fence — because it won't be very tall.

What happens if your fence is damaged during the removal process?

A tree care company will usually do their best not to cause any additional damage to the fence during the removal process. However, this may not be possible. The tree removal company may tell you that they won't be able to avoid damaging part of the fence. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the price you have to pay. You can have a fence company come to repair the fence after the tree is gone.

If there is a tree growing into your fence, it's a good idea to do something about it. Talk to a tree removal company to learn more.