Reasons To Remove A Dead Tree

A tree offers numerous benefits when well maintained. However, different factors can compromise the tree's health. These include air and soil pollution, pests, adverse weather conditions, and heavy excavation around the tree. Consequently, your tree may develop a disease that may cause it to die. On the other hand, damage to the tree can result in root decay, diminishing its vitality. Therefore, you should hire a certified arborist to assess the tree's condition if you notice signs of weaknesses. In most cases, they will remove the dead tree, eliminating a safety hazard. Below are the reasons to remove a dead tree. 

Dead Trees Are Dangerous

Decay and decomposition severely affect the structural integrity of the tree. As such, root decay can compromise the tree's stability, increasing the risk of the tree falling during inclement weather and causing injury. Additionally, weak branches can easily detach from limbs due to dieback, leading to an imbalanced crown. As a result, the tree may lean, increasing the risk of property damage if it is close to structures. Thus, you must contact a tree removal company to remove a dead tree to prevent damage.

Tree Diseases Are Contagious

Various stress factors will cause diseases in trees. This means an arborist must conduct a tree inspection to determine the cause of the disease and control measures. Note that if you fail to address this issue, it may escalate and spread to other trees. Further, not only will they cause low yields in fruit-bearing trees, but they will also cause tree mortality. Furthermore, diseased trees can collect pollutants that trigger allergies around your home. Therefore, you should engage a certified arborist to remove a sickly tree and protect the surrounding plant life.

Dead Trees Are Unattractive

Vectors, such as plant hoppers, can cause diseases in trees, causing them to die. Moreover, wood-boring insects can eat through dead wood, making it unsightly. Consequently, a dead tree will detract from the curb appeal, reducing your home's resale value. Thus, you must hire a tree company to eliminate dead trees in your home to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Dead Trees Are a Fire Risk

Damage and diseases on trees affect their ability to take in nutrients and moisture from the soil. As a result, the tree can burn more severely and unpredictably if it ignites after toppling over an electric line. On the other hand, dead trees can easily burn from a lightning strike, causing significant damage to the surrounding area. Therefore, you should employ the services of an arborist to remove dead trees to prevent the risk of fire.

As mentioned, dead trees will distort the appearance of your landscape. Thus, you should contact a professional tree service company to get rid of dead trees for your home's safety.

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