Have Old Trees On Your Property? Signs They Need To Be Removed Fast

If you have a lot of old trees on your property, you need to inspect them regularly. Even younger trees can have problems, so inspect them as well. Some problems result in the tree needing to be removed quickly. If so, there are 24-hour emergency tree removal services. Keep reading so you know if you should call this service to come to your home. 

Tree Leaning

If the tree is leaning to one side, the tree could fall. If the tree is near your home or other structure, this can cause a lot of damage, especially if the tree is large. If you notice the leaves on the leaning side are dead but the leaves on the other side are healthy, you need to contact a 24-hour emergency tree service immediately. This means the leaning side of the tree is likely dead, which means there is more of a chance it could fall. 

A tree can lean due to many things. For example, the roots may be damaged which will affect the health of the entire tree. You may have had a bad storm that damaged the tree and caused it to lean. You may not have had the tree trimmed properly, which means the crown will be thick and heavy causing the tree to lean.

Dead or Falling Branches

If you notice the tree is losing a lot of branches, this is a sign the tree may be dying. This is also a sign that large limbs will fall from the tree or the entire tree will fall over. Branches are an important part of the tree structure as they provide structural support for your trees. The more branches that fall, the higher chance the tree will fall. Contact a 24-hour emergency tree removal service to remove the tree for you before it does it on its own. 

Having dead branches can be caused by many things. The tree may have a disease or pests that are damaging it. If the tree hasn't been getting enough water or sunlight, this can also cause dead branches. One way to prevent this is to have the trees trimmed when needed. This keeps the crown thin so water and sunlight can get through. 

There are many more reasons you would need to contact a 24-hour emergency tree removal company. You would need to if you see cavities in the trunk, if the tree is near electrical lines, or if there are exposed roots.