2 Reasons Why You Should Not Trim Your Trees In The Fall

With the leaves falling off the trees on your property, you may have noticed that some of the branches are growing wildly. Because you can actually see the branches, you may be tempted to do some trimming to remove the erratic growth and reshape the trees. 

However, there are a couple of reasons you should think twice about cutting down your trees in the fall. And, even if they really need trimming back because of dead or dying branches, you should have a professional do it, especially during the fall season. 

You should trim your trees in the spring when they have plenty of time to recover before going back into dormancy.

1. Diverts Energy and Resources to Healing Wounds Instead of Storing up for Dormancy

One reason why you should avoid trimming the trees in the fall is that doing so uses up valuable resources. As the leaves fall and the trees prepare for winter dormancy, they are storing as much food and energy as possible to sustain them during the cold weather months.

However, if wounds are created, these resources will be diverted to healing them. Because the trees may not store enough resources for the winter, there is a chance that they could die or have their spring growth greatly stunted. 

2. Creates Open Wounds That Leave the Trees Vulnerable to Rot and Insect Infestation

Another reason why you should avoid cutting off branches in the fall is that the wounds that you have created will leave the tree vulnerable. Even if the trees use all of their resources to heal the wound, there will not be enough time for healing to occur before they go dormant.

Because the wounds will remain open, the trees will be susceptible to excess moisture that leads to rot, infestation by insects, and diseases. If you have to cut back some branches during the autumn months, you should hire a professional service so that they can treat any wounds that are created. They have techniques that can cover and protect them without risking damage to the trees.

Unless absolutely necessary, you should delay trimming your trees in the fall when they are storing up food and energy for the upcoming winter dormancy period. If not, the trees will divert these resources to tending to wounds that will not have time to heal, leaving them vulnerable to disease, insects, and rot.

Contact a tree trimming service in your area for more information about when the trees should be pruned back and discuss your options for having the service do the job for you.