4 Steps To Take When Your Trees Are Dying

Trees have so many benefits because they make your backyard beautiful, provide a natural habitat for wildlife, and provide shade and oxygen. Trees may die for several reasons, such as improper or irregular care and pest infestations. When you notice any issues with your trees, take the following actions. 

1. Correct Watering Issues

Become keen on the amount of water your tree gets. You can save a dying tree by using the right amount of water daily. If you water the tree regularly and over an extended period, the tree might start dying because the root area becomes clogged with water. It is also the same case when you rarely water your trees because they'll get dehydrated. As you water, ensure that the base is not too clogged or too dry.

Mature trees stand tall and healthy during dry or wet seasons. However, your younger trees might need much more care compared to mature trees. This is because younger trees respond quicker to too much or too little water.

2. Use Proper Mulching Technique

What mulching technique do you use? How much mulch do you use? Mulching is one of the ways to save a dying tree. However, this tree care practice depends on how you do it.

When mulching, make sure you use just the right amount of mulch and not excessive mulch covering up the entire root area. When the mulch is in excess, the roots will have difficulty breathing. As a result, your tree roots will begin to rot. Pests may accumulate in the rotted area leading to the slow death of your trees.

3. Use Fertilizers Properly

Fertilizers are essential because they help trees flourish. However, don't assume your tree is dying because of a lack of fertilizer. Instead, test the soil first to check for nutrient levels. Then, purchase fertilizers from your credible supplier when you notice low nutrient levels.

Ensure you go through the manufacturer's instructions before using the fertilizer. Also, don't spray too much fertilizer on your trees.

4. Embrace Tree Service Experts

When you realize your trees are dying, seek professional tree service experts. Sometimes you'll find it difficult to determine the root cause of your trees' death. An arborist will help you identify the problem because they are experienced in the field. Then, the tree service experts will undertake an in-depth analysis of the tree. Afterward, the professional will advise you on what you should do to rejuvenate your trees.

Trees make great additions to your home, and you need to take care of them. Unfortunately, your trees can die for several reasons, such as infections and overwatering. So, take action before your tree completely dies. You'll find qualified tree service providers a sure way to solve all your tree issues. 

Contact a local tree service company for more information.