5 Challenging Tree Removal Scenarios

Tree removal isn't always as simple as grabbing your ax and chopping away. In residential areas, trees are often growing in less than ideal locations that can be difficult to access or pose other challenges. In these cases, professional help may be necessary to avoid injury or damage.

1. Overhead Lines

Overhead lines, especially power lines, pose a major safety hazard when they are entangled in or near a tree that needs to be removed. The lines can pose a risk for both electrocution and fire. Not only must the tree be carefully trimmed away from the lines before removal can begin, but care must also be exercised through the entire process to ensure that the tree does not fall into the lines as it comes down. 

2. Underground Utilities

Above your head isn't the only concern. Below your feet, various utility lines can run, such as water and septic lines. Ideally, these should be nowhere near a large tree, but all too often a line will run nearby. Although this may not impact cutting down the tree, it will make the removal of the roots and stump a bit more challenging, so it is better to let the professionals handle it. 

3. Tight Spaces

Young trees are frequently planted in tight corners or in other areas where it is difficult to access the tree with the proper removal equipment. Further, the tight space increases the chances of damage to the neighboring structures if removal tactics aren't chosen carefully. Your tree service should have several tools and techniques in their arsenal to remove these trees properly without any damage to anything else in the area.

4. Overly Large Specimens

When trees soar to heights of several stories, the removal process can be a lot more challenging—especially in denser urban and suburban developments. Removal isn't as simple as chopping down the tree, because it could fall on a building or across a road. Instead, the service must bring down the tree in sections, a time-consuming job requiring pulley systems and skilled arborists.

5. Structural Concerns

Tree roots that are growing underneath paved driveways, against foundations, or right up against a building wall can pose a danger to the structure—whether you leave it in place or remove it. Fortunately, there are some available techniques and tools that allow your service techs to perform the job with no damage to any nearby structures. 

Contact a tree removal service for help with your challenging tree issues.