4 Indicators That It Is Time To Have A Tree Removed

Trees are a delight, and having them in your landscape boosts the overall beauty. Besides, they are a great source of shade and freshen up the air around the home. However, some trees are a source of potential problems. For instance, diseased and dead trees might do more harm than good. In this case, tree removal might be essential. Therefore, you will need to hire a tree removal service in the following instances. 

The Tree Is Leaning

Trees that have a robust root system and are in perfect health should not lean. Leaning indicates that the root system is weakening, creating a safety hazard. If not removed, a leaning tree might fall during a storm, damaging the roof, vehicles, and other structures on the property. So call a tree removal company when you notice a leaning tree. The professionals will conduct an assessment on its health and safety and decide on the best course of action. 

The Tree Has Dead Branches on One Side

The presence of dead branches on one side of a tree means that something is wrong with the root system on the affected side. It could also signal trunk damage. As the branches continue to dry up, the tree becomes lopsided. Over time, the tree will lean dangerously and or even collapse. Therefore, it is best to hire an arborist to evaluate the tree with dead branches right away. 

There Is Fungus at the Base of the Tree

A rotten trunk is usually hard to notice until the rot intensifies. However, you will see telltale signs like the presence of fungus near the base of the tree. For instance, mushroom growth is a warning sign that your tree is experiencing root and trunk rot. The rot weakens it and makes it dangerous. 

The Tree Is Below Power Lines

You may also need to remove trees that are under power lines. Trees become a serious safety hazard during wet weather when located under power lines. This is because electricity can arc as much as ten feet, reaching the wet tree foliage and getting transferred to the ground. As a result, they can cause electrical fires and electrocution. Therefore, any trees that grow beneath power lines need immediate elimination. 

If you notice the above issues, it is time to call a tree removal service. The experts will assess the situation and find an ideal solution. But, more importantly, they will help you get the permits required for tree removal.