Want To Trim Your Trees? 4 Important Things To Know

If you want to trim your trees, there are a few things that you should know. Proper trimming is essential if you want your trees to last a long time.

1. Always Have a Reason

You shouldn't just trim your trees because you feel like doing it. You should always have a reason to trim your trees. For example, perhaps you are trimming your trees because some of the limbs are growing in dangerous directions.

Or maybe you are trimming your trees so that you can shape their overall growth. Or perhaps you are trimming them to get rid of a damaged limb. You shouldn't just start hacking your trees for no reason; there should be a purpose behind why you are trimming them. This will help guide you as you trim your trees and allow you to make smart decisions about what branches to cut and what ones to leave alone.

2. Limit Your Trimming

When you trim a tree, don't go to town and chop off as much as you can. You shouldn't remove more than a quarter of the foliage on the tree. Removing too much from the tree will harm the tree's growth and leave the tree with more wounds than it can heal, which can lead to diseases. You should only trim what you have to and leave the rest alone for an overall healthier tree.

3. Don't Work Around Power Lines

If you have any trees that are located next to power lines or utility conductors, don't trim those trees yourself. Instead, bring in a professional to trim those trees. You need to take extra caution when trimming trees near power lines, and that is a task that is best left to someone who is trained to handle it.

4. Don't Use Ladders and Chain Saws

Stick to trimming trees where you can take care of the trimming with both your feet on the ground. If you find yourself complimenting getting up on a ladder with a chainsaw, bring in a professional. Cutting with a chainsaw on a ladder can be dangerous, even for a professional. That is the type of trimming job you will want to leave to someone with the training and equipment to do so safely.

Don't just start pruning your trees without reason; always do so with a guided purpose. Limit how much you cut; overdoing it can harm the long-term health of your trees. Bring in a professional for trimming big and tall branches and working on any trees near a power source. To get started, reach out to a tree trimming professional near you.