Not Sure Whether You Have Mosquito Infestation? 4 Clear Signs

Mosquitoes have the potential to make your life extremely unpleasant. Their high-pitched buzz is just a minor part of the annoyance and inconvenience they bring to your home. The worst thing about harboring them on your property is that their bites can cause allergic reactions. Some species of mosquitoes also cause unusual sicknesses like malaria and dengue. Therefore, you should never ignore signs of high quantities of mosquitos on your property. Here are some ways to tell when you have them and when to call the removal experts. 

Your Home Has High Humidity

High humidity and heat are the two main conditions that mosquitoes thrive in. You may notice an increase in their number between May and October. Once fall and winter set in and the temperatures fall dramatically, mosquitoes will struggle to stay alive. One of the things to be watching out for in summer is the presence of these pests around your property. Remember that they reproduce fast, and you can have your yard teeming with them within a matter of weeks. 

You Have Pools of Stagnated Water

Allowing water to pool on your yard can lead to countless disadvantages. Mosquitoes like standing water because they typically lay their eggs on it. The standing water does not even have to be in your yard. As long as you have a neighbor with an untreated pool of water on their property, you can expect that mosquitoes will breed there and become a nuisance on your property. Water collects in flower pots and other containers when it rains, creating a welcome breeding place for mosquitoes. 

People Have Fever

Fever is a common characteristic of all diseases caused by mosquitoes. Malaria comes from a parasite that lives in mosquitoes. Once the mosquito bites you, the parasite gets transferred to you, and it causes shaking, chills, fever, and other flu-like symptoms. The disease can be fatal when not diagnosed and treated in time. Therefore, if there has been an outbreak of people having fever and chills in your neighborhood, consider clearing bushes and draining water sources. 

High-pitched Buzzing

The insects are most active in the morning and after sunset. You might notice them buzzing and swarming around the home. It is wise to keep doors and windows closed and also have a screen to trap and keep insects outside.

Call a pest removal expert once you have established a mosquito problem in your home. With their help, you can keep your home safe and free of pests throughout the seasons. Reach out to a mosquito removal service near you to learn more.