When Should You Hire a Tree Trimming Professional?

Trees improve the value of any property. Apart from their aesthetic benefits, they enhance air quality, provide shade, conserve energy, and prevent erosion. However, to keep your trees healthy and strong, you need to ensure they're well-maintained. This includes periodic trimming to remove the sick, weak, or damaged branches as well as give the healthy branches room to grow. While you can do the trimming yourself, there are instances when calling a professional for tree trimming services is the better idea. 

There Are Power Lines Near Your Tree

If your tree grows near a power line, whether installed overhead or in the ground, there are risks involved if you decide to trim the tree yourself. Typically, power lines carry high-voltage electricity, and a slight intervention might lead to electric shocks, property damage, and even death. Professional tree trimmers are adequately trained on the safety precautions to abide by if a tree is near a power line. If one of the tree's branches or broken limbs has contact with the power line, they'll remove it without compromising safety.

You Don't Have the Required Equipment

Proper tree trimming requires more than just a saw. If your tree is large, you'll need ladders, chainsaws, pruning shears, and protective equipment to complete the job. Unfortunately, you may not have all these tools. And even if you do, you may not know how to utilize them without causing damage or harming your tree. By hiring professional tree trimming services, you save the money you would have spent to buy the equipment and eliminate the risks of improper use. 

Your Tree Is Diseased

Like humans, trees are exposed to various diseases. You might notice some leaves are yellowish or sunken. Many people make the mistake of cutting off only the affected leaves without understanding why the leaves turned that way in the first place. It could be a case of a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection that might end up killing your tree if not addressed early enough.  Professional tree trimmers will determine the exact cause of the disease and recommend appropriate action.

Your Tree Is Large with Potentially Dangerous Limbs

Trimming a small tree might be an easy project that doesn't require any climbing. But what happens if your tree is so big that you have to climb and hold onto branches? If some limbs are weak or damaged, that exposes you to the danger of falling. Besides, you have to figure out how to drop branches and limbs to the ground without causing any damages. 

Working with a professional tree trimmer means you don't have to climb trees and risk falling. Their expertise and experience allow them to know which branches and limbs are strong enough to support human weight, so the whole process goes smoothly. To learn more, contact a tree service today.