What Does It Take To Remove A Tree From A Small Backyard?

Is there a tree in your backyard that needs to be removed? If your yard is small and there is no distinct place where the tree can safely fall, you might be a bit worried. But rest assured, tree removal companies deal with this sort of thing quite often, and there are tactics they can use to remove the tree safely, even if there is limited space to do so. Every tree removal process is a bit different, but here's a basic overview of how you can expect a tree removal company to remove a tree from a small backyard.


Before your tree care company even starts removing the tree, they'll typically take some steps to protect nearby structures and other trees. They may put a tarp over your garage, for instance, so that lots of branches and leaves do not land on the roof. If there are any nearby trees growing into the tree you're having removed, they might need to remove some branches from those trees to prevent them from interfering with the removal.

Major Branch Removal

Once the area is protected, your tree company will typically start removing some of the major branches from the tree. They may either climb a ladder or scale the tree in a harness to do this; it depends on the tree's structural stability and shape. They'll start with small branches that they can let fall to the ground and collect, and then they'll move on to removing larger limbs.


Once the major branches have been removed from the tree, your tree service will generally top the tree — which means they'll cut just the top off. How much they cut off will depend on how much space there is for the tree to fall. They'll only cut what can safely be left to fall in whatever space you have.

Chainsaw Removal of the Trunk

With the tree topped, you'll be left with what is basically a really tall stump. Your tree removal company will then use a chainsaw to make a number of cuts through the trunk, cutting off logs one at a time. When they reach the base of the tree, just a stump will remain. It's a good idea to have the stump ground down and removed, too. Stumps can take years to rot away on their own.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how a tree can be removed from a small or tight backyard. Remember — always leave this kind of job to the professionals.